delete me if u can't swallow me


just discard me and fold me away in the trash
cement is so cold that it’s warm
and hypothermia is how id like to go
I haven’t had a bath in days
I wash my clothes by the river when I can
sometimes I forget my name
is it katerina? Jane? Or Louise?
I don’t know I don’t know
crying to…

❝ We’re no good for each other, but we want it yes we do
and I’m so tired of waiting around on someone to fall into my arms
you’re already HERE
and we’re living NOW ❞
—— laura elizabeth ross


Im very excited about my poem ‘Disguises’ being displayed in ‘WHAT KIND OF TROUBLE?’ The Anthology By Sara Sutterlin
here’s the link! there are some wonderful writers featured in here and its definitely worth a read :)

sandinmyflipflopss asked:
Hi I am part of this thing where you send postcards around the world to strangers and I was wondering if i could use your work and give you credit on the postcard as a quote? If not then I understand. I just thought your work needs to be spread across the world and it is so beautiful and well done, but I thought I would personally ask you first. Have a great day!

hi! yes of course you can!! that would be lovely :) could you take some photos of them and @ me? id love to see them, you’re so sweet :) thank you, i am so happy xx

❝ I can’t sew myself to you anymore
my skin comes off too easily
your body - no, your mind doesn’t need me
and if I don’t unthread now
I’ll burn you down with me
love is a burning room that looks best with the two of us inside it ❞
—— laura elizabeth ross
❝ sext: when we’re done, you’ll be shaking like an earthquake and i’ll smile because i am the atlantic storm in between your thighs. ❞
—— (via lauraelizabethross)
Anonymous asked:
you seem like a cool person and I want to get to know you, do you have a facebook or another blog at all? 'cause your not on here that much

yeah I’m sorry about that but if y’all want my raw personal writing it’s on
and if you want to get my fab just message me :) I’m getting Instagram soon also :)

❝ I try to talk dirty to you but I always end up using big words.
“you are the most extravagant creature I have set eyes upon.” made you cry.
I am sorry and I will try to be dirty with small easy words.
Like “I’ll fuck you and you’ll love it, you fucking beautiful thing, you” ❞
—— laura elizabeth ross

also im about to watch fast and furious 1-5! what a hoot and a half!

don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful for the notes on that one post that’s got 99k but it also kinda sucks because everything I really like and put my heart into gets 20 notes tops

im kind of a walking joke but hey, 99k man, 99k fucking K so slam dunk!

Anonymous asked:
It's good to have you back!

cheers man, its nice to think I have people checking up on me :)

Anonymous asked:
Hey, you're awesome, and a fantastic person and writer. Don't forget that. :)

I really needed that, its so overused but thank you so much :)

I needed that a lot

id like to apologise for not posting up writing at all for awhile, recently my writing has become more raw and I at first wasn’t comfortable with everyone seeing that. Hopefully that will change and I will post up some more personal and naked pieces you can all observe.

Anyway, I just wanted to say sorry as I know I’ve been taking breaks from posting very frequently and I am most definitely A ok :)

❝ you make me want to stop breathing,
fall into the earth and melt into lava.
I bet you’d laugh at my screams. ❞
—— laura elizabeth ross
❝ you’re just a porcupine
all covered in needles
whichever way you turn
you stab someone in the heart ❞
—— laura elizabeth ross